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I was quite chunky. I heard Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın through social media and also my friend had an operation and she was very happy about him so she had referred him to me. He is also speaking very fluent English and that was very important for me. The communication. I had liposuction from too many regions at my body  and also I had tight lifting butt filling. I mean fat transfer to my butt. The hospital is gorgeous. I was very happy with my nurses, thay are top. Dr. Mehmet checked on me continously. That gave me an amazing confidence. Now, I look like a swollen potato  since this is the 4th day of my operation. By the time, I will be very pretty. I am very happy with my doctor. Even if it will take time to see the final result because it has been just few days since I had my operation; I have total trust that the result will be fantastic and if something happens he will fix it definately. I have such a confidence for him. He even gave me free a treatment. He did not charge me for extras. He cares more patient satisfaction, than financial gain. But I have total confidence that it would have a fantastic result. This is my 4th day after the operation. I had a little pain so I stayed in the hospital for one more day and thay did not charge me for that. The doctor’s team first intention is the comfort of the patient. I want to say a big thank you to my Dr.Mehmet Veli Karaaltin and especially to our nurse called Miss.Tuğçe. She was really adorable, so helpful and always ready to support, she was like an angel to me. Thank you all very very much. With love

Bernadette and Kayce are living in London and thay are 2 friends who desires to have their liposuction surgeries at the same time. Bernadette is 21 years old young woman. She is a student at social works and she has a big family in the city.

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