Facial Paralysis

Facial Paralysis Treatment

Facial Paralysis Treatment

In last 10 years “Dr.Karaaltın” has devoted his skills in reconstructive surgery to improve and implement the most advance surgical techniques for treating Facial Paralysis patients. Indeed, our basic incentive is to approach the patient in a more centered way. Not only concentrating on the disease the patient suffers from, but the impact of it on the patient’s life. There are different modalities in this treatment depending on the severity of the condition. Hence, we expertly customize each patient’s procedures based on his or her individual circumstances.


Facial paralysis is an important disability from both the aesthetic and functional points of view. The totally or partially paralyzed face is characterized by generalized laxity, asymmetrical animation, loos of nasolabial symmetry, drooping of the corner of the mouth, difficulty with chewing and inability to purse the lips. When the zygomatic branch of the facial nerve is involved there is a serious condition regarding the inability to close the eyelids medically called “Lagophthalmus”. Hence, when such a condition happens, the patient suffers a wide variety of social drawback, regression and loss of self-esteem.


According to the medical literature, facial paralysis can be either congenital or acquired. Yet, the most common Etiology of a unilateral facial paralysis is idiopathic, which also referred to be called as Bell’s palsy. On the other hand, several other etiologies are also listed in below.

Congenital (e.g. Moebius Syndrome, Craniofacial microsomia)

Trauma (e.g. temporal bone fracture, laceration)

Tumor (e.g. cerebellopontine angle tumor, facial neuroma, malignant head and neck neoplasm)

Iatrogenic (e.g. acoustic neuroma resection, parotidectomy, temporal bone resection, neck dissection, rhytidectomy)

Infectious (e.g. Lyme Disease, Ramsay Hunt)


Idiopathic (Bell’s palsy)


Various treatment options ranging from medical treatment to surgical interventions is recommended according to the etiology, degree of paralysis and the time of insult. Dr.Karaaltın uses a special algorithm based on his long years of expertise and utilities in correlation with the House-Brackman classification to assess the severity of the condition and designate the procedures most appropriate for the patient.

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