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Extended High SMAS Facelifting

The aging process concerning the head & neck region confines to multiple factors related to the facial skeleton, overlying soft tissue as well as the enveloping skin. In fact, facial and neck soft tissue with the overlaying skin is anchored to the underlying skeleton in certain points. With senescence, the skin and soft tissue starts to gradually sag over the anchors, creating folds that pronounce the aging expression.

The aging philosophy

The aging process in the facial & Neck region should be considered in the main aspects: aging of the skin, sagging of the soft tissue structures underneath the skin and loss of volume in all skin, soft tissue and bony structure.

To achieve the optimal result of facial rejuvenation, all three problems should be addressed. Hence, each problem should be approached with particular solutions and all modalities should be applied in combination of treatments in a certain timetable. In Dr. Karaaltın’s clinic every patient is evaluated personally and all problems regarding the facial aging are defined and designated treatments methods are applied in the correct sequences to achieve the natural durable appearance.

Is it possible to ride the time-machine

With the Extended High SMAS Facelifting technique invented by “Dr. Karaaltın”, it is possible to achieve a dramatic facial rejuvenation in the natural limits, providing a younger portrait of the patient as if the patient has traveled back in time. The technique its self resides in releasing all the anchoring facial points called the “retaining ligaments” thus liberating the facial soft tissue and re-positioning it to the proper level.

All in one procedure

The Extended High SMAS Facelifting procedure entails to rejuvenate the face, neck, forehead, and eyebrows as well as upper and lower eyelids. This “totality” concept enables to provide a harmonious equilibrium between the structural units of the face & neck with a durable youthful appearance.

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