Face Lifted

“I am 65 years old and living in UK. My dad is from Jamaica and my mum was a white Jew girl. Their marriage was not an easy marriage in those times. But they achieved, and I got my nice color from them. I live actually in London and already retired. When I was at the beginning of my career first I spent my first 3 years in army than I started to work for a pharmaceutical company. I have three middle age offspring. My mum in 1980, my father in 2010 and my two sisters they all died because of cancer. That is why the cancer was in my family history, I visited my doctor for Smear test. It was unfortunately positive. The operation for the cancer should last only 15 minutes but lasted for 1.5 hour. I killed the beast while the doctors wouldn’t believe I could. I believed it. I was in high risk, but I took the risk and I survived. In 2012, I had an aesthetic operation. I wanted my face a bit lifted. After the operation my face was not symmetrical. My ears attached to my side of the face which is called pixy ears. By passing time it has attached more and my ears got longer besides my face. Thus, I decided to have another operation to fix this problem. I had met before with Mr. Zahid who is the owner of the Euromedical tours and had helped me a lot when I was cancer, was only working in Turkey with this great doctor; Dr. Mehmet Veli Karaaltın. Zahid gave high reference of the doctor for me and later, I had an appointment with him in London. My spirit took to him immediately. I liked his aura. Normally I don’t trust people easily, but I trusted him straight away. He explained me all the details about the operation should have been done to me. The next step, I was in Turkey for my operation. At the beginning I was expecting just my ears to be done but Dr. Karaaltın recommend me to make my neck and temporal lift. After the operation I was very surprised because Dr. Karaaltın at the operation believed that full face lift will be the perfect look for me and he did it by expecting nothing extra only but my happiness and satisfaction. Today is my 5th day. I don’t have a big pain and even improving more every day and very fast. The doctor team is lovely. They are like family. They looked after me very well. I will definitely come back very soon to do more. In 2003, I lost my partner in fire. He died while he was saving a small child from fire. The Queen gave him the George Cross Medal for his bravery. He was a hero. Than I lost my family because of cancer. Now I left with only me and from now on I wanted to do something for myself and wanted to live my life what is left. Family…. Family….family…. and at the end you never live your life. Now my children are all grown up and my life is in my hands. I suggest anyone to come to Turkey. The hospital, medical treatment and the doctors are performing state of art. Operations are very successful. Better than UK for sure. Hospitals in London are not good as hospitals in Turkey, Istanbul. In Turkey they are like hotel, like penthouse, very comfortable for patients. It is also an amazing city to see and experience. I want to thank you so much to my doctor Karaaltın and his amazing staff. I am very lucky to meet them and strongly recommend anyone who is considering surgery here in Turkey. They are simply amazing.

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