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Breast Aesthetics with the Twirl Internal Bra Technique

The ideal shape of the breast

The quintessential embodiment of the female sexuality, breasts have fascinated and mystified since the beginning of time. From the biological fact that makes breasts a lactating organ, and the odd that they can drastically change with motherhood, to the historical perceptions of the artistic shape in Roman sculpture.

The ideal aesthetic shape of the breast is indeed one of the debatable issues in the breast aesthetic surgery era. Although, breast aesthetic norms can differ from one culture to another, it seems that the world has a common sense regarding ideal shape of the breast. According to survey studies conducted by plastic surgeons from all around the word, the most optimal breast shape to be defined as a complex paraboloid structures, with two half paraboloids sharing the same elliptical base, and having the upper and lower halves of the breast along the virtual plane. The nipple should sit on the breast where the upper pole would be 60 % and the lower pole 40% (figure1) and the breast should be in a mild ptotic resting position.

The twirl internal bra technique for breast aesthetic surgery by Dr. KARAALTIN

This innovative method can be applied during breast reduction and aesthetic breast lift surgery. It provides a durable natural contour of the breast with an optimal aesthetic result.

The method is based on sculpting the breast tissue and preparing it on a certain vascular pattern. The breast tissue is liberated on that particular vasculature and then rotated over a “pivot point” in the form of a “Twirl”. This manoeuvre gives the breast mound the highest projection required. Afterwards, a special suturing technique is performed to anchor the lower pole of the moulded breast on the chest wall in a durable proper position as a suspension beam or “Hammock”, hence creating an internal bra mechanism (figure2).

Eventually in the end, the combination of both techniques provides the upper pole fullness which is difficulty achieved with the other breast surgery methods, moreover it provides the ideal ratio of 40/60 (upper and lower mammarian pole).
Breast Aesthetics with the Twirl Internal Bra Technique

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