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Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttock lift is sometimes commonly named as Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) when performed with fat transfer. It involves fat grafting by vaser liposuction fat grafting or injection.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift specifically involves fat grafting or injection. The patient undergoes liposuction to remove fat from their abdomen, hips and thighs, then this fat is processed and transferred into the buttocks. This is the traditional way in the world right now.

Stem Cell Enriched Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Dr. Karaaltin developed a new and unique technique with much more efficiency in terms of the vitality of the fat injected. Thanks to the Stempia Technology, it enables us to harvest the fat much more meticulously and provides us ‘’stem cells’’ which will make the fat graft (injected fatty tissue) more pertinent. This is crucial for the optimal results and as a result the percentage of retained fat will be enriched and will be much higher in terms of amount.

New Approach: Safe BBL Guided with Ultrasound Monitoring

After recent experiences all around the world, Dr. Karaaltin created a new technique for BBL surgery in order to minimize risks of complications during the surgery. In BBL procedures, the most important factor is to keep the gluteal fat injection level under the skin and above the muscle level. The reason being for this crucial point is to avoid injuring deep buttock vessels.

In order to decrease risks of these kinds of major complications in BBL surgery, now Dr. Karaaltin brings a new technique which increases safety of BBL surgery. Using a special “Wireless Ultrasound Device”, Dr. Karaaltin monitors and guide cannula level and keep the injection site in a safe plane over the muscle and keep deep buttock vessels safe.

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Are you a Brazilian Butt Lift candidate?

If you are physically healthy, if you have realistic expectations and if you want to increase volume, roundness and projection of your buttock, if you want to improve your body balance, if you want to enhance your self-image and self-confidence by re-shaping your buttock, a buttock lift surgery may be right for you.

How do you feel about your buttocks?

If you have one or more feelings or conditions, you are a good candidate for a buttock lift surgery:

*Unhappy with size, roundness or shape of your buttock

*Bothered by sagging on your buttocks

*Desiring a firmer thigh, more youthful looking and more proportionate body image

Who decides for details of your surgery?

You and your doctor will discuss all details of your surgery and decide together. You can directly share your complaints and concerns about your buttock’s look with your doctor, and also your doctor will share his objective ideas about your buttock lift surgery. Maybe your doctor will offer you vaser liposuction together with buttock lift. So this is an interactive process that your happiness and healthiness is a priority.

What about recovery of your surgery?

Our doctor will give you all instructions to follow after your discharge. Your recovery will depend on which type of buttock lift surgery you’ve chosen. It may take several months for the swelling to fully dissipate. As it does, your new contours and enhanced self-image should continue to develop. During the follow-up process, the doctor will make at least two consultations before you return to your country.

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